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Disc Genierepair hundreds of game discs, cds, dvds and more


  1. Place the Disc Genie™ on a flat surface in a location that is not normally
    exposed to foreign objects or debris of any kind.
  2. Then place the playing-side of the disc in the center of the Disc Genie™.
  3. Hold the Disc Genie™ in place with one hand and then place all 5 finger
    tips of the other hand on the disc.
  4. Slowly move the disc in a clockwise and counter-clockwise motion.
    Depending on the severity of the scratches, multiple revolutions (20 or
    more) in each direction as well as more pressure may be necessary.
  5. For better results, wipe the disc with a lint-free cloth after using the
    Disc Genie™.
  6. Store Disc Genie™ inside any CD or DVD jewel case.

Disclaimer: Not responsible for damages caused by misuse of the product. Not all discs are repairable.